Share Your Ideas — More Clever Suggestions from Kayla and Caroline

Thanks to Caroline and Kayla for sending in some clever, new suggestions!

Caroline and Kayla here with some hints to keep your Orbeez clean and nice. We noticed that if we didn’t play or wash some Orbeez for a while, they would grow mold. If this happens to you we’d recommend getting rid on the moldy ones and washing the others in warm water with soap. [Note from Orbeez: We haven’t done extensive testing on how soap affects Orbeez. Like any product that retains water, Orbeez will grow mold over time. We do recommend changing Orbeez every few weeks, or sooner if you’re using them in a flower vase.]

Also, if you can never find a place to keep you different scented Orbeez from the others, you can buy a case just like in the picture at any craft store. If you’re wondering how to dry out your Orbeez we’d recommend spreading then all out on a paper towel so that they are not touching, and leave then for about 3-5 days to dry. And for the Orbeez creators, we came up with some more experiments to try like, adding water and cocoa powder to a cup and soaking clear Orbeez, Orbeez soaked in hand cream and water, and maybe even glue and Orbeez.

What would you do with Orbeez? We would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Please send us your best ideas, photos and videos. We’ll feature some of our favorites on this blog, on Facebook, or even in a new activity booklet included with every Orbeez activity toy product! Please share your ideas here.

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